WE CARE at University of Washington makes 100 kits for Women's Shelter

WE CARE's branch at University of Washington was able to make 100 isolation kits for Mary's Place--a women's shelter in Seattle. We are so thankful for all the support and donations. When we reached out to community members in hopes for getting a few extra donations, we were not expecting to get so much support and encouragement. Because of our donors we were able to add the following items to EVERY kit:

  1. Apple--for iron and fiber

  2. Water Bottle

  3. Protein Shake--30g protein

  4. Disposable Masks

  5. Hand Sanitizer bottles

  6. Pair of Socks

  7. Energy Bar

  8. Large Menstrual Pad

  9. Tampon

  10. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly/Chapsticks

  11. Emergen-C packets

  12. Greeting Card

We would not have been able to do this without the help of these amazing individuals:

-Louise Masterjohn

-Tammy Steele and Jeff Stewart

-Vidya Sagar

-Suzanne Karbowski

-Paddy Moe

-Dora Varsa--University of Washington WE CARE Director of Outreach

-Sara Varsa--Skyline High School WE CARE president

-Minola Motha de Silva--University of Washington WE CARE Fundraising Committee member

-Arya Lukka--WE CARE Ambassador at Arizona State University

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