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We collaborate with 

organizations that directly provide women with education. 


We create awareness about women education through

outreach, events, and data.


We generate resources for women education. This includes school supplies, computer programs, volunteers, funds etc. 

We support education in many areas ranging from academic to the social aspects of education. 

What does WE CARE do?

WE CARE is dedicated to providing education for women all around the world in hope that society, and they themselves, will break the generic boundaries and stereotypes that are put on women. This club was founded on the thought that all women deserve an education, regardless of their financial status. We work to give all women confidence, power, and a voice through learning. WE CARE accomplishes its goals by raising awareness, collecting resources, and collaborating with international organizations. We are dedicated to its cause, because everyone deserves to feel empowered through an education, regardless of their gender.

Meet Our Collaborator! 

WE CARE has collaborated with “Veerni”. Veerni takes child brides, orphans and girls who have been denied the opportunity to be educated, from rural villages of Rajasthan, India and brings them to the city to be educated at the Veerni boarding school, free of cost. WE CARE is dedicated to funding the College Initiative at Veerni which gives financial aid to students attending college after their high school career. 


Note Jan 11, 2022.png

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with iWIN — International Women in Intensive and Critical Care Network — a doctor-run organization that aims to reduce inequality in healthcare by promoting innovation, diversity, advocacy, and finally, education. WE CARE and iWIN will collaborate through a mentorship-sponsorship program, as “women are over-mentored but over-sponsored.” The ultimate goal is that of pairing pre-med female students with female healthcare professionals to create a literature review together and have guidance and support throughout. Our aim here is to provide a space for aspiring female doctors to voice their questions and concerns while also working on a productive end goal. 


If you have any questions, or are interested in this partnership, email or check out the instagram @iwin_wecare


Alice Agostinelli

Junior Vice-Chair for iWIN

iWIN Liaison for WE CARE

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