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A Visit to Veerni!

Dear WE CARE Community,

I'm thrilled to introduce the latest edition of Mira, our national educational newsletter, dedicated to improving awareness and education on women’s rights and health. This edition is spotlighting three essential aspects – Cervical Cancer Awareness, Black History Month, and Women's Health.

Furthermore, I am eager to share with you the remarkable experience I had during my recent visit to Veerni, our esteemed partner organization. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Veerni is a fully funded 6-12 boarding school for child brides and vulnerable girls in Rajasthan, India. Allow me to introduce two extraordinary individuals from Veerni.

Reunion with Navya:

It fills my heart with joy to reconnect with Navya after seven years. When I first met her in 2017, she was merely three years old, assisting her mother, who worked as a domestic worker. At the time, Navya’s older sister was being sponsored by Veerni. Today, Navya is 10 years old, and her education is fully sponsored by Veerni. Not only is her mother employed by Veerni, but her sister also graduated and is currently attending nursing school. Navya’s journey is a testament to the profound impact education has on empowering women.

Meet Chhavi:

During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Chhavi, who immediately sparked a connection upon learning of my acceptance to medical school. I spoke with Chhavi at length as she explained how her aspiration stems from witnessing physicians save her grandmother’s life in low-resourced environments in her village. We bonded over our shared interest in ophthalmology, with Chhavi even sharing a diagram of the eye adorning the hostel walls. Chhavi embodies the spirit and potential at the heart of WE CARE and Veerni’s mission.

These stories showcase only a portion of the 86 girls currently supported by Veerni. Please consider donating to WE CARE this Women’s History Month. 100% of our proceeds will go towards Veerni. As we pay homage to the women who have paved the path for women’s rights, let us actively invest in nurturing the next generation of history-makers. Your contribution will facilitate these girls’ education, HPV vaccination, healthcare, access to computers and tablets, and much more!

Thank you for your invaluable time and unwavering support. The WE CARE team remains grateful for your solidarity.


Deeya Sharma

Founder-President of WE CARE


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