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Why Women's Education? 

womens education statistics
womens education statistics

Currently, only 37% of women with less than primary education are employed in Brazil. If women were to receive primary education, 50% of those women would be employed. And if women were to receive secondary education, 60% of those women would be employed. 

This data shows that two-thirds of the illiterate population in the world consists of females. That means 517 million women are illiterate and did not receive the education they deserve nor the resources to educational opportunities

womens education statistics

In Somalia, 95% of women never receive an education. An average woman (age 17-22) in Somalia receives 0.3 years of schooling; that is less than four months of schooling. 

These are just ten of the many countries around the world which do not emphasize the importance of education. There are many other countries as well which are unable to provide educational opportunities for women. 

All data is verified by UN fact-sheet which can be found here 

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